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ANTA Sport-Development of antibacterial products for 100 times of washing and epidemic prevention

ANTA Sports conducts a special market survey to assess consumer demand

Under the influence of the new coronavirus, people's awareness of the coronavirus has been rapid. Through visible transmission, the frequent wearing of masks, etc., we hope to improve epidemic prevention capabilities and reduce transmission rates during epidemics.

But you may not know that the clothes you go out every day are likely to have a large number of bacteria and viruses attached, making invisible dangers a breeding ground for viruses, inadvertently bringing the virus home and forming a new infection route.

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In order to meet the needs of consumers under the raging epidemic, Anta launched 100 times of washing_5A antibacterial products in advance.

Excellent antimicrobial functional textiles must meet two basic conditions:

High safety - non-toxic to the human body, no skin irritation, no eye irritation

Efficient and washable - textiles resist bacteria after many washes

Why ANTA Sports choose us?


SGS report show:


  • Irritating test result: 

skin and eye Irritating index : 0 level

  • Acute toxicity grading level:


2. Antibacterial efficacy

  • Test Methods: FZ/T73023-2006
  • Test Bacterial species:
  • Test Results :
  1. AAAAA level
  2. Durble:100 Washes
  3. Anti-Bacterial: Pass

3. PROFESSIONAL CERTFICATION-United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

BIO-BASED  MATERIAL-Chitosan antibacterial agent-Bio-based Product Certification


The future of natural antimicrobial materials

At this stage, it is expected that bio-based natural antibacterial agents can replace metal-based antibacterial agents on a large scale, thereby reducing pollution to the global environment, not causing heavy metal harm to soil and water, and not being swallowed by humans. Ocean. organisms and enter the food chain, ultimately threatening human health and causing serious irreversible damage.